Legal Fees & Services

I represent people injured in New Jersey motorcycle accidents. The only legal fee to represent you for your injuries is one third of the settlement and is paid at the end of your case. There are no extra charges.

New Jersey Motorcycle Lawyer Rob Plevy offers motorcycle accident victims:

  • Free consultation with no obligation.
  • Personal service – Call me days/nights/weekends now & any time during your case.
  • I fill out all forms for you (free) including:
  1. Insurance forms
  2. DMV motorcycle accident form
  3. Expense reimbursement forms
  4. Claim forms and
  5. All other forms

NO charge for legal representation with regard to:

  1. Damage to your motorcycle
  2. Disability claims
  3. Negotiating/reducing medical & health insurance liens (this can save you thousands of dollars)

Call Rob Plevy right now for a free – no obligation consultation